10 Great Modern Home Decor Ideas

No matter how much time you spend at home, you strive to create a welcoming space for yourself, your family, and visitors but sometimes decorating ideas don’t come easily. Even the most creative individuals sometimes lack the inspiration necessary to decorate with ease. You could call in a professional decorator but that means having less money to spend on the modern home decor items you want or need to complete your home. Instead, look for inspiration from a variety of sources including decorating magazines, websites, and retailers of modern home decor.

modern home decor
Though some modern home decor ideas may come more easily than others, inspiration will begin to flow when you identify your modern home decor style. Take a look at your home and other people’s homes, and decide which styles and items you are most drawn to. Decide if you have an affinity for modern, clean lines and sharply contrasting colors or if you have a greater preference for subtle, traditional styles. It’s always easier to start with what you love and move forward than to try to pull together a look that doesn’t encompass your true style.

The following modern home decor ideas can be used to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to start (or finish) your entire home.

Restructure, Recycle, and Reuse

Just like a business that may be failing to meet stockholder expectations, when your home fails to live up to your decorative desire, restructure the spaces around you. You may need to redesignate space for new hobbies or lifestyles or simply spruce up an existing but functioning space. Look around your home for items that are better suited in a different space than the one they currently occupy.

modern home decor bathroom

modern home decor bathroom

The pieces that you can’t reuse should be recycled either by donating them to friends, family or charities. Don’t keep things you don’t plan to reuse as this will just add clutter to your space.

Out with the Old and in with the New

Sometimes the only way to feel better about a space and achieve its decorating potential is to clear it out and bring in new pieces. Clearing out a room allows you to visualize new possibilities more easily than in a fully furnished room. By all means, reuse favorite pieces or the more expensive ones, but consider replacing dated, worn out, or tired pieces with new ones that better match your style.

Add Color

Whether you have been staring at the same beige walls for what feels like an eternity, or you are simply tired of last season’s trendy color scheme, changing colors is your best bet. You can choose to simply repaint the walls or add color with fabric, textiles, and accents such as drapes, throw pillows, or candles. Choose colors that complement each other and try to stick to a scheme of three colors – one primary, one secondary, and one accent color. Keep in mind that they can all be from the same color scheme or can be contrasting, as long as they complement one another.

modern home decor ideas bedroom

modern home decor ideas bedroom

Add Texture and Shape

Texture gives a room a three-dimensional feel and brings out the color scheme. Use texture as a way to complement your room’s color and shape. When choosing decorative pieces and accents, pay attention to both the texture and shape of the item. For instance, textured pillows can complement the smoothness of a leather sofa and a round table can break up an otherwise square, straight-lined room. Also pay attention to the lines of your furniture, including the backs, arms, and legs. Build upon the room starting with the walls and floor, and move forward and inward. Think in terms of layers and your room will definitely “pop.”

Decorate with Your Lifestyle in Mind

In addition to finding your own personal decorating style, keep in mind the lifestyle you live and let your decorating reflect it. If you spend a little time at home, you may want to opt for a stylish yet practical modern home decor. Conversely, if you spend a great deal of time at home, choose decor that provides comfort, warmth, and even entertainment. When shopping for decorative items for any room, choose items that make an impact without compromising your personal style (read also: decorating family room with fireplace: enhance your room)

modern diy home decor

modern diy home decor

Small Items with Big Impact

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impression. If you are decorating a room for the first time or have ignored a specific area of the home, think in terms of decorative accents. Candles, decorative vessels, wall art or small mirrors, as well as plants, lamps, and pillows, are all small, affordable items that can have a big impact on a room’s style. Place objects in groupings in areas where there is no color, texture, or depth and use color to tie the room together. Try a simple area rug to anchor a multi-purpose room or add a mirror or mural to liven up a single wall. The decorating potential of small items is really quite big and favorite small pieces can be the inspiration for an entire room.

modern home decor kitchen

modern home decor kitchen

Whether your modern home decor approach is simple or lavish, try approaching it from new perspectives but keep in mind your tried and true preferences. Get further inspiration by browsing modern home decor retail sites and stores, looking for colors and styles that grab your attention. Once you get inspired by the modern home decor ideas of others, there’s no limit to what you can do with your space.

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