Tips How to Arrange and Decorate Small Living Room

There is always so much one can do with a small living room. Having the appropriate tips and small living room ideas on how to arrange and decorate it, will turn your room into a very adorable and attractive part of your home. Many people are never interested in the look of their living rooms, because they think it is just a small section of a big house and will have no impact on the general appearance.

But their thinking is actually wrong, a living room is the most important part of your home despite how small it is. This is the area that you will host all your visitors, and hence needs to be presentable all the time. With only a couple of ideas, you will be able to turn your small living room into a small heaven on earth. Some of the small living room ideas that will leave many people talking about your living room include the following;

small living room ideas

1. Lighting

lighting ideas

Lighting is the most important when it comes to the interior design of your living room. Proper lighting will determine the mood of which your living room will display. The best way to do this is to save enough space by having smart lighting installed in the living room. To enhance the beauty of the room, you can mount designer lamps on the walls instead of filling and crowding the side tables with big lamps. Mounting the lamps on the wall will help you save on space. This space can be used to accommodate petite décor accents or framed pictures. One mistake you should never do is to install huge chandeliers, instead go for small ceiling lights ( read also ceiling decorating ideas for interior design ) which radiate warm light.

2. Flooring

flooring ideas

Coming up with the best flooring idea for a small living room can be a hard task at times. But what you have to know is, always avoid using heavy wood floors or dark carpets (read our articles about shag pile carpet for home decoration). These two aspects tend to kill the jovial mood of the room and make space look small and confined. The best small living room ideas for this, is to consider fresh and bright colors. Bright colors light up the entire living room making it look spacious and fresh. You can use yellow carpets or yellow and white tiles combined. These combination of tiles will create a checked pattern which will enhance the lovely appearance of your small room.

3. Furniture

furniture ideas

To avoid messing up with the design of the small living room, keep the furniture minimal. Only put the most essential furniture (read: old furniture for home decorating). You can do away with coffee tables which take up much and replace them with unique round center tables. If possible, you can look for furniture with in-build storage systems to avoid crowding the room with drawers and wall units. This move will help you save on space and make the room appear larger than it really is.

4. Curtains

curtains ideas

Just like the small living room ideas for the floor, choose long, bright colored curtains with clean-lined patterns. The curtains should also be hanged from a reasonable height to put across the illusion of more space. Do not hang half curtains because they will make the room look smaller than it even is. Therefore be careful with the choice of curtains. When it comes to the choice of color, choose the color that will not clash the flooring color. “read also: reason to buy living room curtain

5. Seating

seating ideas for small living room


Seating is the most crucial aspect when it comes to small living room ideas. Considering the small size of your living room, the best small living room ideas can be to choose low seating areas. These can be achieved by placing sofas that are slightly above the ground. Low couches create a superb appearance for a compact living room. On the sofas, pick out cushions with bold colors, to enhance the room’s extravagance.

The above small living room ideas will see into it that your room remains presentable and attractive at all time. Implementing these ideas will create a very comfy environment for all your guest and your family too. If you cannot do the décor on your own, it is always advisable to seek the help of interior design professionals.

Do not just fall for anyone to work for you, ensure that the designer is a qualified professional and is licensed for the job. If your small living room was messy because you lacked small living room ideas, then you have no reason to worry because you now have all the ideas to help you out!! read also small house interior design ideas

Picture of Small living room ideas

small living room ideas

small living room ideas

small living room ideas

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