7 Inspiration of Decorating Photo Frame on Wall for Modern Stylish Room

Modern decor does not always mean to be minimal. Modern style decoration is more to combine simple colors, clear lines, and fine textures. So, even if you love to put a picture frame on the wall of your house, it does not mean you can not create a modern style room. Creating a photo wall can enhance the modern impression in space. Here are 7 inspiring ideas to give a modern impression on the room through the display of photo frames on the wall:

Matching frames photo wall


When choosing the photos to display, you should choose a monochrome. Make sure the frame color matches the photos you want to display. By applying monochrome color, even if you display a large number of frames and with varying sizes, it will not interfere with the view.


Black and white

Black and white is a classic color scheme for modern homes. If you are unsure or confused choosing colors, black and white will not be the wrong answer. Not only the frame is black and white, but also apply to all the photos that will be on display. Align with the furniture that is in the room where you display photo frames. Without any frame, black-and-white photographs remain beautiful on display, both in black and white walls.

Black and white photo wall

Give Invisible Line

If you place frames on a sofa or furniture, create an invisible line as the base of the frame placement. With a uniform frame shape, or different, this placement will still show an interesting composition.

Invisible line photo wall

Simple Lines

Most modern homes feature elements of simplicity not only on furniture but also on every object on display. Collect simple sketches and display them on thin-edged borders. Suitable for display in your bedroom or on a relaxing place.

Minimal lines picture wall


You want to give a touch of color to your living room? Present it through an abstract display of images. Combine the images with the abstract color with black-and-white sketches. Instantly your living room look unique and quirky, but still modern.

Abstract art photo wall


Arrange the square picture frames to form a large square frame. This same-sized frame will not confuse you to organize its placement. Simply line it in parallel, and give the same distance between frames. Placement can also be exchanged without reducing its beauty.

Symmetrical photo wall

Big size

Displaying photographs does not always have to amount and make it like a wall of gallery. Large print photos can resonate with the modern style in your home.

big size photo wall

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