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Instinctively, all of us has known already of the meaning of each colors which if we would like to make it easier, in other words, blue front door colors in our houses means that entire houses are live with calm and peaceful ambience. Blue also has sense of powerful positive vibration which from psychology perspective – healing of our all tiredness is in our house and everything that will shine positively since the earliest morning we wake up – it will affect rest of day.

In NAVY, blue is mascots for that particulars forces (despite how light or darker blue colors have there), and in camp training has been forced to make all of their bed in tidiness. What seems important of tidying up the bed? When we do our activity and left bed in dirty – our subconscious mind will naturally show us that (we have something to work on by the time we go home in the evening) and that thought add burden and with burden that already exist since the early morning will affect badly to our mentality. That is why NAVY choose Blue as their important value because blue should be positive, clean, crisp and calming.

blue front door colors

Feng Shui Front Door Color

According to Chinese culture in Feng Shui, the blue front door colors is the manifestations of water, sky and prosperity. Beside red, as the most attractable and strong positive energy – Blue send the message of peacefulness that cannot be changed with other colors. Nevertheless, each paint has its culture, nature as well as psychology meaning. At some extent, those 3 branch of life will have its same meaning.

blue front door colors meaning

Red in Feng Shui when we were coloring door – it welcome nicely and humbly any guest who come. Funnily enough, in the past American traditional value – red means similar value. So, for the sense red also get easier to be recognized when any guest is searching for our house. Adding white to the blue front doors will combine a great and even stronger virtue since white means that way as well serenity and purity.

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We were rarely willing to accept advice from other people, especially regarding our houses that have blue front door colors as calming colors. Sending message that we always wish for luck and prosperity – advice that we need to do is considering the purple as the paint choices.

In any type of positivity that hope to happening come true – purple is believed to be additional choices and most of the time some folks in certain countries really have faith that by coloring front door in purple (not to be confused with Indigo which is a bit darker) will give the whole house best luck, healthier body and the betterment of our professional career life. Eventually, as British people say that home is where the heart is. Read also front Door Color for white House

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