Essentials of Country Art in Home Decor 

Whether you live in the city, on the beach, in the mountains, the dessert or out in the country you can make your house, apartment, condo where ever you call home more homey with some country home decor. A country themed home never goes out of style.

Essential of country home decor

Just because your home looks country on the outside does not mean that the inside is a country at heart. When you are planning to decorate your house in a traditional country style, you want to stay family oriented. After all, the country decorating style comes from the South and Midwest tradition of farm life with a large family.

country home decor living room
When picking an interior design, you should always start with color choices. When picking a country style, you should stick with brighter colors such as pink, green or yellow. A brown color can also work well specifically to go along with wood cabinets.

Country home decor should always include hardwood floors. Carpet just does not work well in a country home. Consider a traditional oak wood floor or upgrade to a maple for the high-class country home theme.

Furniture is also an essential part of this decorating style. Wood furniture goes extremely well in these types of homes. Try oak or even hickory table and chairs. You might also consider wicker furniture, and every country home needs a rocking chair.

When thinking about a country style, you should be thinking about simplicity. Do not try to go all out with a thousand dollar crystal chandelier as that is not going to go well with this theme. Instead, try simple or rustic styles such as tea kettles and antiques.

country home decor bedroom
Just because your house is country does not mean that you cannot have modern appliances. There are still refrigerators and microwaves that come in a white color that can fit very well with your theme. Although granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances may not be a good choice, white will work very well in a country home decor.

Country Home Decorating Design

If you are thinking of adding charm to your home with country home decor, then rustic styles are the best choice for you. This rustic home decorating style has a great appeal which provides a relaxing and comfortable environment to its users. It isn’t an obstacle bring in the outdoors into your home. You many not be able, to capture all features of a primitive looking mountain cabin but a lot of copying of the rough creations, rough-hewn beams log wall, and other creations can be used to create that impressive rustic style. With the right use of textures and colors like that of the deep woods, you can give a rustic appeal to your home. Earth tones, natural and neutral colors taken from the earth are the only colors that can help you create that style.

Use natural colors only:

There is no need to worry about any imperfections in country home decor if there are any, as woods that do not have a fine plane only have to be used. Unpolished granite, exposed rock, massive stone hearths, etc. create an impressive natural look. If you wish to make a dividing wall you can use stone and timber beams across the rooms ceiling to give it a more structural look.

Heavy textured materials like coarse woolens, hides of animals and rag rungs can be a good source. Make use of knotted woods, planks and logs to make the furniture with a commanding feel, which can be set against neutral and pale backgrounds.

Try and give a naturally worn out look to the different pieces and items in the rustic country home decor. One of the most familiar pieces seen in rustic country home decor is tree trunk coffee tables which most people try to add whenever possible in their homes. Dining areas will have tables made of long planks flanked by armed wooden chairs.

rustic country home decor
A rag rug in an oval shape or a bear skin rug set can help define the space. Quilts made from patchwork provide a cozy feel to the country home decor. To store magazines, you can use an old wash tub; flowers can be arranged in water cans, chipped mirrors, blanket boxes for storage are some of the other accessories which help in enhancing the look in rustic homes.

If you are looking to remodel your house, consider the traditional country theme. It is a decorating style that has worked for hundreds of years. It gives off a family friendly aura and will make your house go back to that traditional feeling of a family home.

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