House Paint Colors Reflect Your Personality

The color dominance in your home, just as the color of the walls inside each room can show your character and personality. Faber Birren who wrote many books about colors such as Color Psychology and Color Therapy (1950) and The Symbolism of Color (1988) says, “It is possible to provide a fairly accurate assessment of a person’s personality and personality by looking at his color preference.” Which is expressed by your favorite colors about yourself?


You are an extrovert person and always excited, live life to the fullest. Red is always synonymous with strength. The person who chooses the red color dominates his home is usually an aggressive and impulsive person. Red reflects the personality that is to the point in expressing thoughts, emotions and feelings.

red living room


This color reflects the introverted side of a person. This color impressed mystery especially for the dark blue color as well as the unpredictable sea depth. You who love blue color usually have good self-control and charming.

blue living room


Purple in the room can give the impression of glamor. You who apply this color at home usually tend to have a creative and sensitive personality, and more individualized. Your sensitive nature makes you more respectful of others, but on the one hand, your individual nature can make you look arrogant. Purple especially in the room can create intimacy, characterize your romantic soul.

Purple living room


Choosing a gray color at home, means you personally like the relaxed atmosphere. You do not like stiffness. You are often seen to remain cool without having to look too much.

grey living room


The people around you must symbolize your personality that is fond of yellow as the sun; Always shining. You always want to spread the joy to the people around you.

yellow paint living room


You are a down to earth person, and attach importance to balance and peace in your home. You who love the color of green happy to socialize, friendly and establish good relationships with neighbors around the house.

green living room


The orange color reflects the enthusiasm. You who like this color tend to have a warm personal. You who paint the family room with orange color want to build a joy in the middle of the family. People who love orange are usually personal open and cheerfull.

orange living room


Chocolate is generally favored by people who have a calm personality and are happy with the stability. This color depicts hospitality and warmth. You apply this color to the living room in general is a homely and simple person.

chocolate living room


You who paint the house in black tend to have an independent person and do not like the things that stand out but still maintain the strength and elegance. You prefer to listen and follow your own opinions and no matter what others respond.

black living room


Decorating a house with a majority white color must be your personal happy with a sense of security, upholding cleanliness and neatness. You do not like to be bothered with trivia. By choosing a white color, you can combine it with all colors.

white living room

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