How to Paint the Wall Properly

Changing the color of wall paint is one of the most powerful ways to change the atmosphere of the house. Color change can be done on the entire wall or only part of the field. Regardless of the area of ​​the wall that you paint, the choice of new colors will make the house look different and fun.

Painting the walls of the house can actually be done by anyone, including yourself. Although it looks trivial, there are some things to note in order to get beautiful results, neat and also durable. Here are tips on painting the house wall the right way.

Paint the Wall properly

Calculate Cat Requirement

First, you have to calculate the area of ​​the wall to be painted plus the ceiling area if you want the same color on the ceiling. After that subtract the total area of ​​windows and doors. The final step, the amount divided by the spreading power of paint that is usually listed on the packaging of paint cans.

Each brand of paint has a different scattering power. This is what causes the importance of calculating the need for paint to fit the needs. Also read the article How to Properly Calculate Cat Requirements, for more detailed calculation information.

Clean Wall

Make sure the wall to be painted clean and dust free. If the wall had previously been painted, then you should cover the previous paint layer so that the next layer is not clumped or wavy.

Clear the Area Around the Wall

To minimize the possibility of splashing paint, you should empty the area around the walls of furniture or other home accessories. If it is not possible to shift furniture, then layer the surface of the chair using plastic or newspaper. The same can also be used to protect the floor from paint droplets.

Choose the Right Brush

There are different types of paint brushes that you can use. Choose a roller brush to paint a large wall area. Meanwhile, to paint the corners of the walls or small parts, you can use a small brush.

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