Inspiration for Design of Bookshelves under the Stairs

Designing a bookcase under the stairs is now pretty much applied at home. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also functional. The lower area of ​​the stairs is often left alone, designed to be storage. The design is diverse, but whatever it is, the stair area is no longer empty and can be maximized.

In addition, of course to save space in the house. Thus, the shelf no longer need to use a certain space, simply designed under the stairs. There are many designs that can be applied to the wider storage area, but also do not forget the needs and comfort of the ladder. Like the design below, bookshelves or storage appear spacious, beautiful, and at the same time can be accessed as a ladder.

Stairs, Seats, and Bookshelves

Different designs produce different visual appearance. Its use can be more than one. Like this one ladder, the bottom is designed large and wide with space to store books on the “foot ladder”. With its wide design, also presents a comfortable seat to read the book!

stairs with bookshelves

Shelves Unite with Ladder

Shelves are on the wall like a design that is often seen, different is the shelf is made together with the ladder. Thus, the ladder looks as an extension of the bookcase. Interesting visual appearance, is not it?

stairs with bookshelves pictures

Ladder “in the” Shelf

The resulting display of stairs and racks is amazing. The vast rack on the wall seemed uninterrupted by the presence of the stairs. This is also because under the stairs there is still a shelf that can be used so it looks as one unity. Ideas that can be tried to get a wider storage area.

stairs with bookshelves pictures1

Ladder with Various Functions

If previously also can as a seat, this one ladder can even be functioned as playing with the skateboard. Spending time on this staircase is sure to be great fun!

Ladder with Various Functions

Grid Storage Below the Stairs

Although not large and wide, the shelves beneath these stairs produce a chic and simple look. The more beautiful with the design of stairs that combine wood and rope, interior space certainly can look more modern! Read also; How to paint The Wall Properly

Grid Storage Below the Stairs

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