Small Bedroom Design Ideas with Modern Minimalist Style

The bedroom is a private room that should be designed as comfortable as possible. A neat and comfortable bedroom will make the owner feel at home spending hours in it. In addition, a comfortable room will also make you feel relaxed at rest. A comfortable break makes your sleep quality improve so that when you wake up, you will feel more fit.

Dilemma In Small Bedroom

During this time, the comfortable bedroom is identical to the spacious room so that the owner can also put a lot of stuff without the need to feel the room is too crowded. But what if I have a small bedroom?
Having a small bedroom can sometimes be a dilemma itself. Having a small bedroom can also be an advantage because you will not be overwhelmed when you have to clean it up. However, on the other hand has a small bedroom also sometimes makes you crowded and feel cramped. Especially if you have many items, with a limited area you can not put all your personal items in the bedroom. It could be but you may be forced to stack it here and there. If it is so, instead of looking neat and more spacious, your bedroom will look increasingly crowded and messy. Lest if your friend goes into your bedroom, she will think herself wrong enter the room because there are so many things and make your bedroom more like a storage room than the bedroom.

Tips on Organizing a Small Bedroom

Then, how? What should I do? Calm down, all problems can be solved! With a little structuring right, you can really make your bedroom feel more spacious. There are several things you can do:

1. To save space you have, you can make your bed to be higher. So that part under can be place to put clothes or your goods.

higher bedroom

2. Take advantage of the corner of the bedroom for a small table, maybe you can put a small table or your desk.

small table in bedroom

3. Take advantage of the bedroom wall to put your books and stuff.

bedroom wall

4. Put the table stuck with the bed to give a more practical impression.

table stuck

5. Give space between your goods and equipment, the function is to make you more flexible in moving.

bedroom space

6. Create a simple partition

simple partition

7. Prepare a special place like a basket to store items that have the potential to make your room a mess.

basket bedroom

Then, is that enough? Of course not, other than rearranging your things. You can also try to change the design of your room with a touch of minimalism. To create a minimalist-style bedroom, there are some tips for your bedroom look good, namely:

1. Choose paint the bedroom properly. This will affect the overall look of the design. Avoid choosing a paint color that contrasts with the color of the room furniture because it will give the impression of your room is more narrow.

2. Choose a bed sheet that has an interesting motif and choose a curtain that matches the theme of the room.

3. Do not use cabinets that are too big.

4. Choose a pillow design with a unique shape and attractive color. This will be an accent for your bedroom look more beautiful.

5. You can place a small table that suits the design of wardrobe and bed.

6. To create a healthy and clean bedroom, do not forget to note also the incoming air circulation.

7. To beautify the look, you can also innovate in designing your bedroom door.

8. Do not forget to place the sleeping lights beside the bed to make the room look more beautiful.

Well, whether you have an idea for your minimalist room? Not yet? Oh well, we will give you some picture of small bedroom design ideas that can be your inspiration in arranging your bedroom.

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