Southern style homes architecture

When you hear the term southern style homes architecture, a couple of visual elements will probably pop into your head such as wraparound porches which is inspired by antebellum with rocking chairs and lazy swings; towering Greek columns; Victorian embellishments such as grand balustrades and eclectic gingerbread; stained and leaded glass windows and whimsical wrought iron gates.


Meanwhile, if you want to sell the property, a couple of prospective buyers may not be interested by your collection of whirligigs masking chipped paint or a couple of the broken teacup collection in your garden. And if you are just searching for a couple of simple ways in order to keep up with the Butlers, these are a couple of ways that you can do to keep them good.

Clean up all debris

You have to remember that the outside of your home is the main impression. You have to make it clean, neat and clear of all debris. Usually, curb appeal is the most cost-effective and the easiest way to ready a home for viewings by a couple of perspective buyers. When people are readying a home for sale, it is also sometime the most easily adjusted yet overlooked feature. Grabbing a prospective home buyer to check out past the inherent kitchen remodel which will come with the purchase of your home is a much easier thing to do if they have not started already calculating the budget of grabbing the front up to snuff.

Another great tip which needs minimal expense and a couple of hours work is renting a pressure washer. You can rent them for about $65 a day from stores such as Ace Hardware and Home Depot.

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Protect your home by painting

You have to remember that you home purchase is the most expensive investment in your entire life. You have to protect your home by painting according to your preference. You have to be patient to choose paint because a good paint job will last for a couple of years while a bad paint job will be waste your time and money. It is better to make sure that you are committee to a full-on paint job once you start blasting it by using high-powered water. You have to make sure that you test a small part of the house first. Southern style homes are exposed to erratic weather patterns such as high winds, extreme humidity and heat, heavy rain and even tornadoes and hurricanes.Read also: Mediterranean Style Homes Architecture

Southern Style Homes architecture

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