Take advantage of Attic into a comfortable work space

Confused where to put the workspace? Limited land area is a major factor that often makes it difficult for homeowners to adjust the position of the room, especially for secondary spaces such as work space. One of the solutions, take advantage of attic!

Attic or under the roof area is the most potential area to be processed into a new room. Especially if the model of the roof that you use is a saddle roof model with a sufficient roof height so that the area below it does not feel stuffy and crowded.

attic workspace area

Utilize the area under the roof into a work space and children’s learning space. The ceiling follows the slope of the roof selected from the saddle model with the steep slope of the roof, making the atmosphere more intimate. Some areas of the walls are intentionally made open through a transparent field that shows the outer view as well as the air and the sun, so even though under the roof, this room still feels comfortable and not hot.

In order to feel more comfortable, the architect chose wooden parquet which is fitted with a pattern resembling woven as a floor covering. While the impression of country style emerged through the wall finishing in the form of exposed brick. The ceiling uses a white melamine that is on the router so that it appears more dynamic.

attic for work space

Application of built-in furniture designed specifically to accommodate the storage to make this work space look more tidy, so that work feels more comfortable and enjoyable.

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