The Warmth of the Classic European Style Dining Room

Classic interior design styles usually tend to seem ‘heavy’ and formal. However, this interior designer makes the classic design style feels more ‘light’ and fun. One of the successful rooms featuring an interesting classic European style is the dining room and the pantry.

classic European Style Dining Room

Both of these rooms are part of a communal space designed with the concept of open plan; Unite without partition. The gap near the pantry area is used as breakfast area (breakfast nook). Homeowners want to make this room a place of family gathering, including relatives and other guests who visit.

breakfast nook

Some yellow downlight lamps are selected as artificial “warm” space lighting. The color palette that is used also tend to be neutral ie white, beige, beige, and brown. While the floral motif is applied to one of the dining chair upholstery as an accent beautify the space.

dining chair upholstery

The elements of the country seem to be applied to the classic fireplace replicas and cookerhoods located in the pantry so as to add a warm atmosphere to the room. Meanwhile, the classic feel is still visible through the symmetrical interior composition and the use of profiles on ceilings, doors, and furniture.

warm atmosphere

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