Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

In most homes, tile is the most commonly used material. It is also the best way to style your house. There are specifically and specially designed tiles for bathrooms. Designers do a special mix and match colors for bathrooms and provide lots of bathroom tile ideas. The look and feel of your bathroom is defined by the tiles that has been put on it. For many people, selection of tiles can be a headache because of the varieties of styles, shapes, and design available in the market.

bathroom tile ideas

Here are some of the bathroom tile ideas to consider while choosing the tiles.

1) Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles

Ceramic tiles are the commonly used and they are available with glaze or without glaze. The patterns are put on top of the biscuit and it depends on how well it glows or does not glow. Porcelain tiles are made of different material and are harder and durable than ceramic tiles. Hence, they are more expensive. They are the most popular tiles because of its various possibilities. Ceramic and porcelain are the best bathroom tile ideas.

2) Composite stone tiles

Composite stones are also better bathroom tile ideas. Terrazzo stones are the most popular composite stones. Terrazzo is the mixture of stone chips and cement. Composite stones offer more consistency and are resistant towards pattern, stains, scratch, and all weather conditions. In composite stones, resins or polymer is also added.

bathroom tile ideas

3) Natural stone tiles

It is a tile that is sourced naturally from a normal stone. The normal stone is polished, cut into different size, and it is chemical resistant and elegant. It is more expensive even though it is made of normal stones. The stone has imperfect designs and those designs make the tiles look so beautiful and make them one of the best bathroom tile ideas.

4) Glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaics are the most recent type of tiles that is been widely used in bathroom. There are various styles and design available in this mosaic tiles. Apart from using the same old square tiles, the glass mosaic tiles are available in hexagonal, round, oval, fan shape. It can add something extraordinary to the bathroom and at the same time it is more expensive and is an awesome bathroom tile ideas.

5) 3D tiles

With the improvements in technology, tiles are now available in 3D formats. They are three dimensional and bring your bathroom to life and makes it marvellous. They are little expensive but they are awesome bathroom tile idea.

6) Marble tiles

Usage of marble tiles is a great bathroom tile idea. These are one of the costliest tiles and one who uses marble for his bathroom is sure to be a millionaire because they cost a lot and people generally use marble only in very important or limited places of their homes.

How to choose the right size?

To select the size of the tile, it is important to consider the size of the bathroom in mind. Large size tiles are the most common tiles used in bathrooms nowadays. Square tiles are also good-looking to the bathroom. There are also tiles that will create illusion effects in the bathroom especially if the ceiling is low. Thus selecting the size proves to be one of the bathroom tile ideas.

How to choose the right color?

Another bathroom tile ideas is the color of the tile which is an important thing to consider while installing the tiles on your bathroom. Light colors make the place looks spacious and tidy. Pale colors are used to reflect the light in the room. On the other hand, it is believed that dark color tiles make the room to look smaller but they give a special mood when entering the bathroom and sophistication is created in the space. The tile should also co-ordinate with the paint color of the room. The paint and tile color should not be contrasting to each other. Sometimes they can be different but not in contrast.

bathroom tile ideas

Thus by identifying the proper shape, color, size of the tile one can get a hold of the bathroom tile ideas and install them on the bathroom floor and it is sure to be a success and adds great value to the bathroom and even the house as well. But before choosing all these, you must do serious research on the bathroom and also assess all the personal needs and requirements and if this is done properly, you will automatically choose the best bathroom tile ideas for your home.

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