Tips on Arranging a Cushion like a Professional

Your confusion about arranging a cushion usually ends up putting it haphazardly. Though cushion is one of the important elements that affect the appearance of the family room, especially the sofa. Match the size of the size, motif and the right color just makes your sofa look more attractive. Want to know how professionals arrange cushions? Here’s the tip!

Arranging a Cushion

  1. Place the largest cushion on the back of the sofa. You are free to choose the color and pattern of upholstery, can be patterned or plain.
  2. Add a smaller cushion in front of it. For example the previous pillow size 55cm x 55cm, then the size of the pillow in front of 50cm x 50cm. Then the composition of the size will look fitting to be seen.
  3. If you have a smaller cushion, place it right in front of the pillow beforehand. Do not forget to combine the motifs and colors between the cushions and sofa upholstery in order to look visual continuity. You can also choose one tone of the same color with a color derivative to make it look interesting.

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