Tips To Clean Moldy Bathroom Glass

The intensity of regular use and splashes of water and soap make the bathroom glass wall vulnerable to fungi. Over time the glass will turn blurred because it is covered in layers of oil, water lime crust, foam dried, and moldy.

Clean Moldy Bathroom Glass

Therefore, routinely clean the bathroom glass wall, at a minimum rinse with clean water every time finished bathing. Then leave the door or window open for air flow, so the room does not feel moist and avoid the growth of mold on the surface of the glass wall.

Use a glass cleaner to cope with water spots or dried soap on the shower glass door. Alternatively, make your own cleanser which is a mixture of vinegar and water with a comparable dose. Oles or spray this vinegar solution on the spots, then let stand for five minutes before rinsing with warm water. For a very stubborn crust, apply vinegar directly on the spots.

The fungus can also be removed using a carbolic or glassy mushroom cleaning product containing hydrogen peroxide. Most cleaning products are spray-shaped, which is then easily wiped with a clean cloth.

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